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"Initial Commit"
Feb 22, 2018
One minute read

Another day, another commit

So, once again I felt like firing up Atom and rewriting a perfectly good website due to boredom… Or is it that I just didn’t want to fix bugs? Anyway, welcome to the new and improved version of Rvnx.

Instead of manually re-creating Rvnx with PHP or using a CMS like WordPress, I decided to dive into Hugo and see how it went. This is the result of that attempt. Hugo allows me to generate my (relatively) static website from Markdown files, without worrying about updating everything when I make a change. Additionally, it comes without database overhead and allows me to serve my website out of a git repository to track changes and version information.

Anyway, we will see if Hugo stands the test of time, but I believe it will provide the features I need for the foreseeable future.

Best Wishes,

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